An exceptional and unusual program designed and operated by a professional guide who is also certified wine expert.

After lunch at the hotel, we will start the program by the Istanbul Archaeological Museum, not to visit any museum, but only the section of objects related to the production and consumption of wine in Anatolia. Note that some of these objects back up to 6000 BC. J. C.

Your expert guide will give you an overview of the wine culture in Anatolia through the millennia.

Then we’ll go in a restaurant-style bar in the neighborhood for a presentation vineyards and Anatolian wines nowadays with wine tasting Turkish.

Then we’ll do a little ten minute walk through the old quarters of Sirkeci and Eminonu to reach the Galata Bridge and a “meyhane” Turkish tavern under the bridge. This will be where we will talk about the “culture of raki and mezze.” Galata has always been among the most cosmopolitan Istanbul to the Byzantine era during which it was a Genoese and also during the Ottoman era commercial colony when it was the port area of ​​the city.

We can say that culture Tavern marked the character of the neighborhood. In our days, it is the meeting point for lovers of raki, the national drink of the Turks, alcohol at 45 degree. Raki made ​​a lot of influence on local food also. Mezze dishes are created to accompany raki. Of course, the effect of tapas and hors d’Europe work does not lack in variety of mezze in this cosmopolitan area.

Following the presentation of our expert guide on the culture of Turkish tavern, you will not fail to take your drinks late afternoon here, of course raki and mezze to finish the program.

This program is conducted by an expert guide, each participant will be provided with a headphone system and can follow the guide’s explanations. A second-speaking guide will assist to guide the group.