After lunch, it’s time for an activity that is both creative, artistic and fun; course marbling and decorating classes for private porcelain group, which will be held in the Madrasa of Caferaga, located in a small street just behind St. Sophia.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn the fine art of Turks and their relevant first create their own masterpiece marbling and porcelain decorated at the end of the activity.

Due to the limited facilities and limited number of teachers dimension, we must separate the group into two. When one of the groups will be activity marbling, the other will be in the room decorating porcelain. Then they will change places with each other. Each activity takes 1:30. So in a period of 3 h – 3:30, all participants have tried both local fine arts.

L’Art de Marbrure (Ebru)

Décoration de Porcelaine