Treasure hunts, a well-known game in the world but imagine a treasure hunt off the beaten path. Tiliatour offers a full range of events “Treasure Hunt” of treasure hunting and permanent event in Istanbul and throughout Turkey.

Scavenger hunts the most known place in Istanbul Grand Bazaar, the Topkapi Palace and the Pera district.

The treasure hunt allows participants to have a challenging and exciting day with lots of history, mystery and fascinating adventure.

This experience is played by guiding participants with a written program or an iPad, collecting adventure points are taken after a series of questions. An incredible and unique experience that inspires participants to work together!

Divided into teams and provided with your Road Book. You only have 30 Turkish pounds (about 10 euros) on you and whoever manages to buy more coins at the Grand Bazaar will go to the next step! Ottoman military welcomes you at the entrance of Topkapi Palace, it is essential to succeed to speak Turkish with him to enter the Palais! Our team building team is ready to make you live an unforgettable experience for each type of budget.

Participants: 20-500

Duration: 60-180 minutes