The Yali Esma Sultan is located on the European shore of the Bosphorus, an old building that once belonged to the daughter of the Sultan, renovated in 1990, keeping the original walls and climbing inside a construction of steel and glass. The stages are ground glass. In our day, the Esma Sultan is the most popular place in the city as a place of events with a direct view of the Bosphorus. It is possible to access the yali boat. The yali belongs to the hotel chain The Marmara.

For events in the summer garden of 2200 m2 yali space (up to 3000 people for cocktail, 1,000 people roundtable). The building on 2 floors of 388 m2 (up to 600 people for cocktail, 336 people roundtable).

ESMA SULTANm2largeurlongueurhauteurthéâtrecoktailbuffettable ronde
Esma Sultan (extérieur)2226300020001000
Esma Sultan (intérieur 1er étage)38812.5316.8400600336
Esma Sultan (intérieur rez-de-chaussée)38812.5273.8250300180