Istanbul has served as a film set for many adventure films including the latest James Bond. So we can have a concept of James Bond for the treasure hunt like filming.

The land of this activity will cover the monuments of the Old Town as Hagia Sophia (one of the places in the latest Dan Brown novel “Inferno”), Basilica Cistern (one of the places still in “Inferno” and also set of the James Bond movie “from Russia with Love”), mazes Grand Bazaar (film set of “Skyfall”), the narrow streets and crowds markets of the Old City and the Egyptian Bazaar (film set of “Skyfall”) .

Optional Additional Actions in Shooting James Bond in Istanbul

Flash Mob:

While the groups are trying to shoot their films, a team of two men and a woman dressed as secret agent and dressed with black sunglasses, headphones radio will walk around them in order to obsess . In reality, they are opera singers who will do a “flash mob” at dinner the evening of the same day. They will enter the room to dine, they will stop the music, they will say that there is a denunciation of spying on some people in the group and they should check passports. They will begin to wander, looking at people’s faces for 2-3 minutes. After a short moment of hesitation participants, they will begin to perform a song known opera or the theme song “Skyfall.”

Beverage Service by Bond Girls Aboard the Cruise Ship Bosphorus:

Drinks will be served by Bond girls …